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Building Success In The Petroleum Oils & Lubricants Industry

High performance Petroleum Oils & Lubricants consulting generating new business opportunities that accelerate our client's growth and profitability.

Services & Capabilities

We can increase your company's sales growth & profitability through highly experienced Petroleum, Oils & Lubricants consulting services.

We work to position companies to obtain new opportunities in the Commercial and Government fuels community. Our team can open doors and new business opportunities to establish and continuously maintaining business relationships with existing commercial and government Prime Contractors that hold Government Contracts. In addition, we consistently target new business opportunities to expand our client's business and sustain its future growth.

We are focused and dedicated in developing and assisting with obtaining subcontract opportunities in the Government and Commercial industry. Our team works to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction, identifies new business opportunities and identifies and resolves potential problems that need attention.

At Chief Mac, LLC, we promote a positive company image with current and new client's and gather critical intelligence to understand changes in business trends and capitalize on potential projects while effectively communicating and coordination of all our team's sales and marketing activities.